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Empower Your Data Using Predictive Synthetic Data Technology

Product Features

Synthetic Data Modeling

Use advanced Generative AI to create realistic synthetic urban datasets.

Benefit: Allows planners to simulate changes and make data-driven decisions affordably.

Strategic Infrastructure Planning

Use advanced analytics to pinpoint ideal locations for micromobility hubs and EV charging stations.

Benefit: Optimize urban transport, improve service efficiency, and cut congestion and pollution.

Enhanced Decision-Making Tools

Integrate URBIVERSE’s insights for better predictive accuracy in urban planning.

Benefit: Provide tools to forecast urban needs for sustainable growth and goal alignment.

Scenario Simulatio

Simulate development scenarios with URBIVERSE to plan and adjust pre-implementation.

Benefit: Foresee city-wide impacts to optimize strategies and save resources.

How It Works

Step No.

01. Data Integration

Connect your existing fleet and city data sources to our module.

Step No.

02. Configuration

Customize the settings and alerts based on your specific operational needs.

Step No.

03. Deployment

Implement the module across your operations and start tracking performance.

Step No.

04. Optimization

Utilize insights and analytics for continuous improvement and optimization.

Improve the performances

Up To


Daily mileage increase for each vehicle
Up To


Percentage increase in daily use of the individual vehicle
Up To


Daily increase in activity time for a single vehicle


Can Urbiverse help me visualize the impact of new projects before they are built?

Absolutely! Urbiverse utilizes synthetic data modeling to create detailed simulations of how new projects, like buildings or roads, will impact your urban environment. This allows you to visualize changes and make informed decisions without the need for costly physical prototypes.

Is Urbiverse suitable for small-scale urban projects or only large-scale planning?

Urbiverse is versatile enough to support both small-scale and large-scale urban planning projects. Whether you’re looking to redesign a small community park or plan a new urban district, Urbiverse provides the tools and data you need to make strategic decisions.

How can I use Urbiverse to improve city traffic conditions?

By running scenario simulations in Urbiverse, you can predict and plan the effects of traffic management strategies and infrastructure improvements on urban traffic flow, helping to reduce congestion and enhance mobility.

What kind of data inputs does Urbiverse need?

Urbiverse primarily uses generative AI to create synthetic data sets that reflect real-world conditions. You can enhance its accuracy by providing data such as current urban layouts, traffic patterns, and demographic statistics.

How secure is my data with Urbiverse?

Data security is a top priority for Urbiverse. All user data is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information, maintaining your data’s confidentiality and integrity.

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